Friday 30 June 2023


Sharing some stories I have been telling my three grandchildren


Image courtesy: Canva

The rabbits Long-Ears, Hunny and Bunny were brothers.

Long-Ears was the eldest, with long ears which had given him his name.

Hunny was strong, but not as tall as Long-Ears.

Bunny was the youngest and smallest of them all.

One day, they set out to visit their granny.

They had to take the bus to Granny’s house.

Bunny thought the orange bus was very big and high.

He said, “Sorry-sorry, I am too small to get in by myself.”

Long-Ears hopped into the bus first, and held out his hand.

Bunny boarded the bus with his brother’s help.

“Thank you,” said Bunny.

Then Hunny hopped in.

The bus stopped near the big hill under which Granny had built her home.

Bunny said, “Sorry-sorry, I am too small to get down by myself.”

Long-Ears got off first, and held out his front legs for Bunny.

“Thank you,” said Bunny again.

Hunny hopped off the bus next.

Long-Ears was very excited to see Granny’s house after so long.

He began climbing up the slope very quickly.

Hunny thought it would be good to race, and began running too.

Little Bunny was left behind.

“Boo-hoo, boo-hoo,” he cried. “Sorry-sorry, I cannot run so fast.”

Long-Ears and Hunny heard their little brother cry.

They stopped and looked back.

They ran back to where Bunny stood.

“Sorry-sorry,” said Long-Ears.

“Sorry-sorry,” said Hunny.

They held Bunny between them and took him up the slope.

Bunny laughed when his brothers swung him up and down.

“Thank you,” Bunny said to them.

At Granny’s house, they got big, juicy carrots to nibble on.

“Thank you, Granny,” said Long-Ears.

“Thank you, Granny,” said Hunny.

“Thank you, Granny,” said little Bunny too.

She told them funny stories and they all laughed.

Granny gave them a jar of carrot jelly to take home.

“Give it to your mother,” said Granny.

“Be careful,” she added.

“I will, Granny,” said Long-Ears.

“I will,” said Hunny.

“I will too, Granny,” said Bunny.

Granny laughed and patted his head.

Then the three brothers ran down the slope.

Soon the orange bus came by.

Little Bunny looked at the big bus.

“Sorry-sorry, I am too small to get in by myself,” he said.

Long-Ears picked him up by his front legs, and swung him into the bus. 

Bunny liked it very much.

He hopped into the window seat and smiled all the way back home.

He would tell his parents how his day out with his brothers had been great fun.

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