Wednesday 13 July 2011

View from the rooftop

Looks like my tryst with those woolly shapes residing far above is going to be short-lived. It's finally raining, days after the clouds had stayed aloft as if Nature was holding up an umbrella to keep the sun out.
Being a wheezy sort of person, I avoid using the stairs. Recently, though, I have taken to climbing up and down four flights to give my knees a daily workout. All these days there was little sun, the cloud cover making my forays to the terrace rather pleasant. It was also an inducement to carry my phone along, just in case. And a good thing it was.
Though the clouds were not as dark and menacing as the ones I clicked in Punjab, the view from the rooftop gave me a new perspective. Skyward, I mean, not on what happens down below.
Just my second trip to the roof, and I witnessed a beautiful scene unfolding in the heavens (right). The morning sun was bent on breaking the nexus of light and dark grey, and had prised open the clouds a bit. Within seconds, the sunbeam grew stronger and my eyes could take no more of its sparkle.
A few days later, the sight of great fluffy clouds greeted me as I emerged from the stairs. I began clicking, finally moving my phone camera directly overhead (below, clockwise from left). The yawning grey and white of the vast skies and the fact that my head was almost at a right angle to my spine made me feel dizzy. Shakily, I wended my way down the nearest flight of stairs and decided to henceforth revel from afar in the wonders of the unknown yonder.
Part XII of my Nature in pictures series.

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