Thursday 23 June 2011

A generous bounty

Identified the tree I wrote about (From buds to blooms)?
There's this amazing feeling each time you see a flower has bloomed, when a tiny fruit appears on a branch, when it has ripened: nature's generous bounty.
These pictures of our lemon tree, all of course taken with my faithful phone camera, tell a tale of beauty: a rash of pristine white flowers, yellow at the core, changing shape and hue to metamorphose into green little globes that mellow into yellow.
And it's not a seasonal phenomenon. Lemons from this tree continue to grace our table through the year: in salads, as pickle, as nimboo paani...
Nature in pictures, Part IX.

Raring to go.
Prime time.

Laden with green.
Sweetly sour!

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  1. That's quite remarkable that you have been able to continuously following the nature around you - in your courtyard and the backyard! I must confess that I am quite dumb in understanding plants and flowers! Of course, I know I am dumb in almost everything else but plants - ugh - I cannot tell the height of ignorance in this matter. Your series could have been an education but I think, only reading won't do for me - I will have to move around! Anyway, coming back to the point, it is a good series and it also show that now you have started writing on the subjects close to your heart! Happy writing!
    Vibhu Arora