Wednesday 4 May 2011

An ode to trees

My humble way of thanking nature for giving me what I'd missed out on for so long:

Leafy patterns in the sky
You can’t reach them, however you try.
Trace them, follow them, oh so high
To be there like a bird you must fly.

They are spidery, they are dense
Now like giants they are spread.
Some are happy, some are tense
They shed leaves to give you a bed.

Fighting the rain and sun for you
They chill you shrill when the wind escapes.
They bring you fruits and flowers too
Enchanting colours and a million shapes.
Love them, nourish them, nature’s gift
Trees, these green trees, low and high.
A look—and how your spirits lift!
Keep them growing, oh, ne'er let them die.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Harjeet. Thanks for visiting my Blog. Liked your poem. wishing you the very best in your blogging journey :)